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Monday, May 18, 2015

Reinvent your Jeans

Reinvent your Jeans
Here there is something I like most of all. Reinventing!  Probably I have this "mania" from my mom. She is the kind of woman (if there is such a category?!) that will buy clothes (doesn't matter the size) and will take them directly to the tailor to adjust and give a personal touch.  As soon as I saw these pictures I can't stop thinking how my flare jeans will look with an embroidery application. So, chicas... Paint splatter, patchwork, screen prints, and beaded embellishments have all found their place on jeans this season. Time to reconsider your basic jeans. Use your imagination or get them ready. Kisses 
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spring is here

Spring is here 
The Spring arrived (and gone in some parts of Europe)  before I had time to realize it. Few days ago I packed my suitcase with winter clothes for a Moscow trip (as I didn't trust the forescasts. Moscow is always so cold). My bad...my bad!!! The weather was wonderful and I was looking like an Eskimo from North Pole (Imagine >_< or check my Instagram @ReinventYourself).

Let me give an official start to the SS season with this outfit that I was wearing last year this time back on Italy (Porto San Giorgio).

ZARA shirt
Hat from Australia