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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Why should you celebrate Valentine's Day

Why should you celebrate Valentine's Day
I have heard so many negative thoughts about Valentine's Day lately that I just decided to compensate the debate with positive facts in the benefit of the concept of the day. There is absolutely nothing wrong about Valentines's Day. There are just negative people that are taking it absolutely wrongly or sarcastic. If your man is taking you out on a dinner/or just telling you romantic words only on VD that's something wrong with your relation not otherway. Some of us are not used to express our feelings out loud and on this day we feel more motivated to do so. Thanks God, there is such a day as VD (!!!) otherwise you won't heard it ever :) Dosen't make a huge difference that is Saturday or Valentine's day for me. My husband tells me everyday that he loves me. But when he does on VD it has a stronger effect because it reminds me about our union, about our wedding day and the reason we are together in sickness and in health so far. You know by law of attraction if you think more positive you are going to attract and enhance all that good things you were blessed to have. Same thing happens when you think negative. Now if I'm asking    what pattern of thinking is healthier for you what are going to answer me?
Women say that they don't need gifts for this occasion but they (more or less) desperately waiting for that (let me pray for those you will meet you empty-handed). For men that are getting you present is just the easiest way to make you happy. Lucky you if your man is damn romantic (/or wealthy) to take you to the moon and back. Sorry for disappointing you but mostly people - women/men - they are not so creative. This is the quality that an advertinsig agency will look forward. And for God' sake don't blame the man when he is knocking in your door with a Luis Vuitton/Prada/Louboutine gift bag. You and only you gave him the impression that is something that make you happy more than a hug. Cheers for all of you that are celebrating Valentine's, who believe in  love and have someone to share with this day. Everyone got someone in her/his heart to think about. Send your beloved positive loving thoughts if they are miles away from you (/or even they might forgot about you. Karma will pay you back, trust me!) 

With Love,




  1. Sí il punto é che io voglio le coccole sempre e i regali anche quindi?
    Bacioni e buon S valentino!

  2. I think most the negative people are those who aren't in a relationship. The holiday reminds them that they have nobody to share it with.

  3. You look so beautiful in this red dress my dear, happy Valentine's day <3 Kisses <3

  4. We do not celebrate Valentines Day but I still think its a good day for people to get reminded of the importance of love.

  5. You're so lovely in that red dress...I think Valentine's day is the perfect excuse to shower some extra love on our loved ones...and in my case to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to make my husband happy<3 and myself too...

  6. Preciosa foto Nicole!!! Feliz San Valentín!

    Besos guapa, Emi

  7. Doesn't matter really if you/we are celebrate Valentine's Day or not,it's everybody's choice to do so;))

    We can celebrate love any day ;))

    Valentine's Day is beautiful and important for many people,and other people should respect that,;)

    I like to buy gifts for my partner ,my family and friends at any time,and I like to receive one too,but most important for me it's to buy for someone;))

    You and Your Partner/Husband Nicoleta are great ,full of happiness and love;))

    Enjoy Your time together!;))

  8. Hello from Spain: I love the color red. Great dress. Happy Valentine's Day. Nice photo. Keep in touch

  9. I’ve just found your blog and I’d like to say that I’m in love with it!
    I like your posts and photos! Really amazing!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  10. sunt sigura ca a fost minunat! :)

  11. Hey Nicoleta :)
    You look super amazing as always :)

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