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Friday, February 27, 2015

Fitoval for Damaged Hair and Hairloss

Fitoval for Damaged Hair and Hairloss 
Hairloss and damaged hair it is a common problem among (I would say almost 90% of my colleaugues) the cabin crews. We work in a very dehydrating environment, we are exposed to the all four seasons not in a month(!) but in the same week. Jet lag, alimentation disorder, pollution, stress, the quality of water and not the last the quality of products we used on daily basis affects directly our skin and hair. Last year I noticed that I start lossing hair more that usually. My friend that has this problem recommended me to try the shampoos from Fitoval. So I run to the Boots (in Dubai) and have equipped my bathroom with Fitoval Hairloss Formula and Fitoval shampoo for damaged hair. 
Fitoval Hairloss Dermatological Lotion 
The treatment is for about three consecutive months. The box includes 6 mini bottles, each 40 ml and should last for 16 applications. In the first month you have to apply formula directly onto your scalp  and massage 05 ml once daily. Do not rinse off. The dosage you have to use is already marked on the bottle itself.  The next month apply the formula each other day and  3-2 time/ week in the third month.

Fitoval Shampoo for damaged hair contains active substances such as: lecithin, wheat proteins, D-panthenol, nettle (Urtica dioica) and sage (Salvia officinalis) extracts. The shampoo regenerates the hair structure, especially the cuticle, and in this way protects the hair interior. 

My general results are good but no miracle happened, girls. I still loss hair. It is normal to loss a little bit, cos the hair has its own cicle of life. To keep the hair cicle healthier and longer, I believe the nutrition has to be the basic support to that. Hope this review helped those of you who struggle with hairloss. I am going to present you other 3 products for those who had much serious hairloss problems.

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  3. It is great that the products have good results - but a shame that they don't totally wow. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion!

  4. Sounds like a great product

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