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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Balance Blog Life with Real Life

Balance Blog Life with Real Life

After 1000 days of blogging 1000 days of travel I self-imposed a 10 days Ban away from my Blog. READ WHY
It might me a coincidence that on my 1000 day of blogging I found myself in situation that I couldn't blogging for a while. Sounds weird but is true :D I had an exhausting year. My new job literally squeezed me like a lemon fated for Limoncello. I do travel to ear a living. And I used to travel on my holidays too.  In only one year I have traveled to more than 30 destinations. On most of those destinations I were jet lagged and with a huge debt of sleeplessNESS (new word in my vocabulary). Let me break a myth. You actually don't enjoy travel when you are in zombie condition (believe me!). By the time you are reaching the destination (after let's say 14 hours of work) your excitement will tone down, your vision  will blurred and your senses will subside. It wouldn't be a problem if you would have at least 50 hrs in each stations. But I usually have 24 or less (for rest, shower, food, sightseeing, blogging, another food and rest to get back to work fresh and fit).  Ok, now imagine yourself in this picture and tell me after almost 1 year of travel travel travel where would you like to go on your annual leave?! :D I guess you will say home. Home sweet home. The only one destination that can bring me peace and happiness. I went to Italy in the picturesque Marche where my family is settled. (Btw this area is home for all the made in Italy shoes. Jealous, uh? :p).

On my first day home I haven't said a word for entire day. I enjoyed the peace,  the sea and the weather. Even my blog can wait, I said to myself. On second day I said the same thing. All my social activities could wait for few days. In the past 2 weeks I have posted only one look on my blog. Only one!!! Can you imagine?!!! 
Luckily is one of my best looks ever (No Jewelry, Just Grace) so I don't mind if you, guys, saw it few times :)). During my vacation I haven't stop working for my blog I have only stop blogging. What that mean? I prepared around 10 new outfits. I checked all shoes outlets and new collection of the manufactures in Marche area. I also visited few young designers. One of them is a very talented shoes designer Giacomo Morelli (soon on my blog about his collection and his brand @giacomorelli).

To be able to manage all those tasks I had, I really had to imposed the ban on blogging.
To get offline a little bit and to get a free time for myself and some space in my brain for other thoughts. I finally had time to spend with my family, walking for hours, having gelato, have dinner with our friends and relatives without no rush and far more than I have in the past year.  The truth is - If you have a blog you are not free anymore!  Blogging is taking all your time and occupies all your thoughts. Luckily one day you'll get a payoff for all the invested time. Of course, we are not blogging for those reasons but when your blog grows that is the path you want to wade through.

There is few important things I have understoodd while being away from my blog and I would like to share them with you .

- The show goes on
Who are following you genuinely will continue to do so even when you stop to tempt/comment/post etc.
The fashion blogosphera will not be hurting in any ways, no one will cry (at least you are Chiara Ferragni).

- See yourself
You have changed since you started blogging. You grew up, your style and your understanding changed but you might be still following the same patterns that not suits your blog anymore. Little break can help you to see where and what you can improve. How you can make your content, your design, your interactions more intrecting and meaningful. Maybe you may like to include a series content on your blog or specialized it in fashion and travel, food and lifestyle, diy, etc. Something that you do often and you have important information about that activity etc. For example I travel  more than I stay at home. So I can share and reccomend places, give tips for travel, review some hotels, restraunts etc.

- Keep on few social networks
The blog traffic might not change if you give up on some networks that take more of your time but don't give you the exposure you looking for. For example some of my favorite bloggers are not posting on lookbook nevertheless they are famous and have visitors. The key is to find which networks working for your blog  and continue on those ones.

- Balance your Blog Life with your REAL Life 
Is not about separating your blog from yourself. It is about balancing the Blog Life with Real Life. You need some time for yourself. When you can keep at least a tiny distance between your blog life and your real one you'll find yourself much happier and creative. You'll be able to get more inspiration for your blog, take the right and  objective decision and having more fun. If you don't have fun is not worth it.



Ps: Don't dare to ask me If I still love to travel :D
ps...or blogging :D


  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences,
    Tea commented that pass through the same thing I got tired of travel of living in hotels and mainly missed home cooking.
    Now the blog I also fun but already tired me, and as you say, tired no inspiration.
    In this moment I was going to work in a new post,, but I found your new post...
    I go to sleep now!!! jejeje

  2. I enjoyed reading your article sweetie and I find it very interesting and true!
    Kiss you big kiss

  3. Hola Nicoleta! Te he echado de menos, pero me parce perfecta tu postura. De vez en cuando en la vida hay que dar un parón, respirar y coger impulso de nuevo. Enhorabuena por ser tan valiente!


  4. My dream is to travel the world someday and I gotta be honest, I'm quite jealous of your work :D It must be exhausting, I understand that, but you get to see so many things, most people would never see.
    And taking a blogging break is mandatory. We all need a little rest away from the wifi :D

  5. Adevarat ca trebuie sa te mai deconectezi pentru a reveni cu un suflu nou, esti mai fresh. Tine de fiecare cum doreste sa traiasca, online sau ofline.

  6. Those are some really wise words! Blogging can really be overwhelming sometimes!

  7. amei as suas palavras!

  8. lovely nicoleta!!! kiss


  9. I do agree with what you wrote dear Nicoleta...we do need time for ourselves. Sometimes taking a break for posting can be really refreshing and help us look at things from another perspective. Preparing posts takes time, most of us spend even more thinking about them and preparing them in our head...so I think what you did was great! ...and I'm looking forward to reading what you have prepared for us...

  10. It was quite interesting to read what you wrote there. At this moment I don't care about my blog much, because there are things in my life which are much more important. At the same time, blogging is an interesting hobby which is quite hard to quit;)
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!
    Have a good day!

  11. Correct! Its important to keep everything in balance.


  12. Great post, thanks to sharing your experience!
    Un abbraccio
    Eva e Valentina the anarCHIC

  13. Great post dear Nicole, a lot of peace and energy <3

  14. I think this is amazing... I agree with you. I have taken breaks before and nothing happened, my life was still the same. Yes, my traffic might have been a little bit lower, but it is SO worth it! You feel refreshed!

  15. Tnx for sharing your experience... really interesting!!!!
    Kisses honey!

    My Facebook

  16. Concordo con te Nico, staccare fa bene, serve per ricaricarsi e trovare anche nuove idee ed ispirazioni. Spero ti sia riposata, un bacio :**

  17. Take your time sweetie! Sometimes you need to stop for keep doing... So, we are waiting you be back soon (or late) ;D
    Big kisses doll!


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  19. love this post! and your photo here too, it looks like from a magazine spread! btw, are you a flight stewardess? you seemed to be travelling alot... :)


  20. I think free your mind is very crucial since social medias sometimes can deteriorate the lifestyle. Great post hun I enjoyed reading it :)

  21. Foarte frumos ai scris, esti cumva stewardesa? Legat de aceste multe calatorii... Dubai etc :D
    Imi place stilul tau oricum, ai niste palarii grozave :*


  22. This is so true! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog darling! xx


  23. Amazing post!


  24. This is really a great post! Thank you so sharing your experiences from your job and your experiences from blogging. I can totally understand what you mean and I too need a time off from time to time.We all do. Thanks for sharing this!
    Sending you lots of love!

  25. I totally agree with you Nicoleta and I'm probably one of the few who won't cry if Chiara stops blogging haha. I don't follow her blog anymore. It's not as good as it used to be. Every blogger should stay offline at least 2 days a week :D


  26. this is a so inspiring post!! I've enjoyed your experiences and travels!!! It's right to take a pause from the blog to live your normal life, I think is so important!
    instagram/twitter @marikaodoardi

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    i wait you

  28. I completely agree with you, blogging does take a lot of time and sometimes you just need a break to relax and be yourself


  29. Nothin is more true, sometimes you need to relax!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  30. Love the insight of ths and so true, blogging takes a lot of time and traveling. Check out fashion blog mywhiteT.com mywhiteT.com

  31. I'm agree with you, darling! Sometimes you need a break to relax!

    Kisses ;)


  32. You're right, I'll try this ! :)

    Bisous !

  33. great post darling!


  34. How true, n so many great tips . I am still not sure though what works best for me , but I will figure tat out too.

  35. Hello from Spain: great tips. You do well retake your life. You need a break. I can understand that ''home sweet home''. Keep in touch

  36. Great tips! Sometimes it's necessary to take a break and just enjoy real life for a little while.


    1. that true ,enjoy our life is a choice what we need to chose .little black dresses