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Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Year REvolution

New Year REvolution
Hi my sweetest birds in the world,

I am so exited about my New Year Resolution that I would love to share especially with you. 

Eat, Shop, Travel...and of course LOVE are my key words in 2014. I am going to take you to an amazing destinations. To show you new places, food, shops, hotels, local brands, people I meet, etc.
 This way you don't have any clue to miss my posts :D :D :D 

You know what is the greatest thing about my travel plans? Venture a guess? Come on.... :D

The Biggest, Greatest, Coolest thing is that I am going to meet YOU this year. I will post at the beggining of each month the destinations I will visit. If you want to have a coffe with me (or cappuccino, etc :D) send me an e-mail at nicoleta_buru@yahoo.com with your contact details/blog and the county/city  are you  from/live in. You never know when my wings will turn to your home town :D

Let's Fly High this Year,


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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Office outfit

Office outfit
Kind of office outfit. Depends on your job ^__^ Top and jacket from Babassu.

I was wearing:
PIMKEY clutch
ZARA heels

Porto Sant'Elpidio, ITALY

Happy Wednesday,


Monday, January 27, 2014

InstaLoving Dubai

InstaLoving Dubai
I have moved to Dubai 3 months ago. Back to my previous job, my old friends, lifestyle and one-meal-diet-per-day :D :D :D (#pray4me) Dubai change a lot in the last 2 years since I left it. The population increased with over 2 mln and the number of malls that were opened lately are challenging my budget constantly (#pray4myhusband). Even I knew everything about this city I still discover time to time new places to visit, green areas and parks to walk or to lay dawn, clubs to go crazy and so on (not mention the shops and brands) etc. Dubai become a lively multinational city. Even the weather changed recently. Rain and cold nights are common now in Dubai. Last but not the least I discover a small fashion lovers community here that I will present you one by one very soon.
Enjoy this shoots and if by any chance are you traveling to Dubai let me know. I would be happy to greet you with arabic coffee and dates.


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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Best of 2013

Best of 2013
I have so Many Reasons to Remember 2013 and to consider it a Wonderful Year. Before I write this my heart is filled with emotion again :). Last year passed so fast, like a dream and I had had totally unplanned and unexpected events. Of course the biggest event of the year was absolutely our wedding (see more here). I confess that I haven't planned it early. I knew that we were meant to be together but we moved towards the big day without any rush. One day we decided say "Yes" in front of our parents and friends and in a month we were married as simple as that. We had a perfect wedding, unforgettable for both of us.For the time that we organized it I would say we got divine involvement. Because I swear, everything came out perfectly, evrything were as we wanted to be  and even beyond our expectations :)

Another important event is the launch of the project Starpiq. A community created for all fashion addicted and beauty lovers:) Starpiq is still in progress but you can already register and post your outfits every day. More pages will be included and I hope you will enjoy the final version.

Very exciting moment was my first participation at Milan Fashion Week in February and Pitti in July (2013 ). Where I had the great joy to see the shows, the editors and bloggers that I follow online.

Not the least my two best friends became mommy of beautiful baby boys that I  can't wait to see this year :)

For this year I got many new projects that I will share with you next time. 

Have a great Sunday and Marvelous Year Ahead,


Ps. Congratulations, Demi Mist, 
You are the winner of Sheinside Giveaway
Happy Shopping, dear *__*

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NH Gate One Hotel in Bratislava

NH Gate One Hotel in Bratislava
Lost and found these pictures from my last holiday in Europe, last August. Slovakia is one of those small but very beautiful countries in Europe. Bratislava is without any doubt a great city to live in. After visiting Slovenia and had just amazing stay at Crown Plaza in Ljubljana I though no other hotel could impress me more. The surprise come when we decided to book few nights at NH Gate One Hotel. The lobby, the size of the room, sauna, the pool, gym and not to mention the breathtaking breakfast we had there brings NH Gate One Hotel to my top favorites ones. When you have a chance to visit Bratislava consider this hotel for your stay.

I was wearing:
ZARA trausers, heels and necklace
MAC (Rubby Wood) lipstick  

NH Gate One Hotel, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA