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Monday, July 22, 2013

Forum: Are you silly if you are in fashion?

You're considered superficial and silly if you are intrested in fashion?
Since I have started this blog so many questions  acrossed my mind  and so many judgments I heard from people that just don't understand our work. This week I'd like to start a open forum with you, guys, about what Sofia Coppola said that  "You're considered superficial and silly if you are interested in fashion, but I think you can be substantial and still be interested in frivolity."  If you are
fashion blogger you will tend to stress the second part of Sofia's quote but I would love to hear your very honest opinion and more than that I am eager to listen the issues you had regarding this stereotype.





  1. I agree with those that say fashion is never just fashion...there is so much to say about clothes...and clothes says a lot about us. I don't think that a suit makes a man, but it can express what we feel and to some extent what we are.

    ...and not to say anything of those people who make and design clothes, some of them are real artistic...it takes a lot of creativity, passion and talent to be successful designer of clothes, jewelry or etc... I respect all creators of beautiful things.

    1. I agree with all the girls and Ivana!!

  2. I really don't consider myself as a superficial or silly person.
    I've work a lot and had been graduated 3 times... I know where i come from and what's essential for me in life... But what i like most in fashion is reinventing my casual and sometimes simple/ boring life. What i like most in the fact of blogging is being creative, and finding new talent designers...
    I like the human experience i can live by the fact of daring things that i wouldn't or things that people don't. I like shoes, and bags and jackets... it's true...and i'm totally addicted to it and i admit... But i also consider them, not only material things (because this is what they truly are) but, in a way, the extension of a mood, a feeling ... of my personality.
    You are what you look like in this society... People first judgment is what they first see of a person. So liking fashion, or even being fashion, is, for me, the fact of controlling the image of you that you want people to have. Clothes is what situates you in society... The clothe helps the social representation of an individual. So from that observation, being fashion, or a fashion blogger is not being superficial or silly. Being a fashion blogger is helping, and sharing creative styles to "help" other how to live and be well represented on society.
    A Fashionista is not a all a silly person. Is a person who is able to analyse the society he/she is living on, and to proceed and evolve on it...

    1. I admire your comment!

  3. Really? In France, I juge someone just with clothes so it is very important about it for us.
    But lot of people don't understand when you says you have a blog, very archaique people!

  4. i think it's true,however, being natural is good :)

  5. Non credo che essere interessati alla moda sia sinonimo di superficialità. E' una parte di noi, da che mondo è mondo la donna tende ad 'agghindarsi', poi si sa che al mondo non c'è solo questo, ma è una bella forma di passatempo...

  6. Questo rientra in uno dei pregiudizi e stereotipi della nostra società. Luoghi comuni... Generalizzare sempre... non lo sopporto. Dico sempre che si può parlare di leggerezze anche senza essere necessariamente leggere!!! un abbraccio tesoro

  7. ciao stella anche secondo me fa parte di uno stereotipo...io ad esempio ho 26 anni, amo la moda...ma all'infuori di questa mia passione ho una casa, un marito, una famiglia, un buon lavoro e non penso di essere una persona frivola...

    la moda è una passiona ma non per questo riconducibile al frivolo o peggio stupidità
    buon inizio settimana stella

  8. Amazing ! <3


  9. This is an interesting topic. I feel the same way at times, and it is funny that I addressed something along the line with this topic at the end of my most recent blog post. People will always have an opinion about you regardless of who you are. Ideally peoples perception of you shouldn't define who you are. At the end of the day, a lot of the things that people adhere to in the society are mere social constructs. Social constructs are equally as unrellevant as people who have condescending opinions of people who love fashion.


  10. I love clothes and fashion and maybe I'm a bit silly, but that's not because of fashion. I don't imagine my life wearing all the time the same clothes and not buying them. I finished highschool with the best grades and now I'm studying and it goes very well. Many people think that if you love fashion you're materialist and when you have birthday you want all the most expensive stuff (I have a friend with this opinion). Most people don't understand that fashion is the way of life. I know I'm writing my little blog and I'm an amateur with no brands or anything, but I love writing and I love fashion and I'm not ashamed of that. So if people think that fashion is silly or superficial, that's their opinion and I don't even think about them, because I love fashion and I love my little blog. And if they judge me, they should. I don't care and no "fashionista" should, because they just don't understand.

    Great topic, sweetie!

  11. I've been thinking about this topic myself lately and I really appreciate your post.I think I used to be more superficial (or probably just immature) and really interested in fashion.And now I'm more grown up, much more substantial and still highly interested in fashion.How could one's passion be considered trivial just because it revolves around something aesthetically pleasing?I think fashion is a form of self-expression and I think fashion is beauty.And there's nothing wrong with liking beauty as long as you don't judge people by it!


  12. Ciao Nicoleta..i pregiudizi ci sono e ci saranno sempre...è la vita! Non credo proprio che amare la moda o essere una fashion blogger sia sinonimo di frivolezza!! Personalmente ho una famiglia e una professione...ma adoro la moda e un blog e non per questo mi possono tacciare di essere superficiale o frivola :) grazie per questo post
    Un bacio
    The window of Maryfashion

  13. A me non importa nulla di quello che pensa la gente, so di avere del sale in zucca e la moda è uno svago. Chi la pensa così è solo bigotto :-)
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  14. @Ivana Džidić you said it all.

  15. Hello from Spain: For me fashion is a sector of the economy that moves a lot of money. It is one of the strongest industries in some countries. Fashion also sending a message of who wears clothes. Keep in touch

  16. I also agree with those who say that fashion is not just fashion, dress says a lot about our character. I love fashion but only within certain limits. Rather, I expect more when someone demanding and kind.
    But what I will write now, however, as opposed to the other modatom because I love jewelry and I love when people can see beautiful fashion jewelry.
    I'm curious about your forum and you can look at you! lots of kisses.

  17. non credo che moda voglia dire superficialità o frivolezza...dipende sempre dalla persona in questione!!! ci sono molte persone superficiali in giro che però non hanno nulla a che vedere con il mondo fashion... :) un bacio

  18. I joined your community but the problem was that I didn't know how to make my photos smaller so that I can upload them...I have to figure it out, I'm so clumsy and clueless when it comes to technology.

  19. io la penso proprio come francesca

  20. Who is interesting to fashion is Not superficial, fashion and his world is a work like others!

  21. penso que seja algo importante assim como todas as outras coisas que estamos a ver pelo mundo! Em todas as áreas há pessoas que não fazem seu trabalho direito, mas aquelas que fazem temos que prestigiar e dar valor.

    Penso assim.
    Tudo tem o seu motivo de existir.

    Desculpe escrever em Português!


  22. Per me ciò che indossiamo è l'espressione di ciò che siamo, un modo per esprimersi. Si può amare la moda e tante altre cose contemporaneamente, chi giudica superficiale chi ha questo interesse è il vero superficiale ! ;) Un bacione

    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  23. Fashion bloggers aren't silly at all, they are so funny, cool and gentle people!
    Big kiss, dear.

  24. All in all, one should know what they want out of fashion. If it's as simple as just loving the colors out of fashion, or as complex as having to buy and keep all the branded goods in the world, then so be it. It all depends on the extend of what you intend to get out of the fashion world. I enjoy the world of fashion and being a fashion blogger. I like sharing my style and getting my inspiration from others too. That's all I want and I don't think that's silly at all =)

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  26. Well now, in my opinion, fashion is one of the many sides that involves visual art! So as a director that works mostly with visuals it's a bit excessive and so wrong to make such a declaration.
    Fashion is not silly, many designers studied hard to get where they are and to try and create a story behind every piece and we as fashion bloggers or fashion lovers when showing our interest in their clothes it's mostly because we appreciate their hard work and skills. So it's mostly like in every type of art. To survive, someone has to sustain it and who else if not all the people that love clothes and interesting fashion pieces :D


  27. come non essere d'accordo con te tesoro!!! ormai è un luogo comune pensare che le blogger siano stupide e superficiali, ma io con una laurea già in mano so quanto valgo e anzi provo pena per chi parla male e poi vorrebbe essere nei nostri panni e ricevere omaggi e quant'altro.
    Poveracci!!! bellissimo post!

  28. Ciao Nico, la penso esattamente come le altre ragazze, non credo che chi sia interessato alla moda debba essere ritenuto frivolo o superficiale, è una passione come tante altre, in più ben si relaziona all'arte ed alla creatività. Un bacio!

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  30. Good question. I don't know. I think the most important thing is to just be yourself. And yes, you can be silly. But it really depends on the person..


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  32. Lovely photo! Nice t-shirt!!!!!
    Angela Donava

  33. Interesting post!!! I love fashion, buy the people think it is superficial.


  34. I am not silly or superficial, I just love clothes, bags and shoes !
    I work in law but fashion is a passion and I want to share it :)

  35. This quote is LOVELY. The fact of the matter is, whether or not someone is interested in fashion, I am sure there is at least one part of their life they are superficial in. For example, cars, boats, houses, interior design, food... we all have certain aspects of our lives that we might be a little more high end on. I don't see why fashion has to have a bad reputation for this... it is an every day expression of who we are and makes people feel good, so who cares? I am a silly person but not because I love fashion, because I have a slightly goofy personality.

    And as far as superficial goes, I touched on it above, but I do not see myself this way nor do I think my true friends and my family think of me this way. Do I buy too much at times... YES. IT happens. I'm guilty. But I also work very hard at my job, I try to empower other women through my blog and I volunteer and stand up for important issues like sexual violence in our world. I hope more people can realize that fashion is just another part of our lives that we are passionate about <3

  36. Ah, who considers that one is silly or superficial if one is interested in fashion has sure not a fashion blog ;) I think who is interested in fashion has an open mind and looks what around her/him happens and than transfer the mood and the design in the own outfits.

    I think it´s more silly to wear each time the same stuff, for this is no creativity and effort necessary! If one is interested in fashion it´s requiring to take effort for buying and combining clothes and accesoires and much more than effort if one is blogging.

    I made the experience that if a person take care about the own look, that this person takes often more care to oneself than the people who doesn´t care about fashion. In my praxis for psychotherapy I recommend my clients if they don´t like the own person to wear nice garment with the argument that it even helps if the view in the mirror is a pleasure.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena