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Saturday, June 29, 2013

What's New in Menswear?

What's New in Menswear?

This year edition of PITTI Menswear Exposition (84) is a total delirium and invasion of Vegetable and Animal Kingdom see Saint Paul, The Editor, Iuter, Ingram, Herschel.
Tropical prints are bravely expanding their already conquested teritories, same as floral prints Havana&Co, Henry Cotton, Monitaly, Two Italian Boys. A coffee break trend  are delighting us with a generous chunks Closed and delicious candies Two Italian Boys.
What caught my eyes in a very special way is definitely the details such as tie used as a belt from Vigano (VPI), tie in leather and tricot collar shirt from Smith Wykes, waterproof jacket from Tombolini, the tricot ties (don't remember the brand), psychedelic and micro prints JB Blum, Monitaly, Liberty London, circles and stripes for pijama and underwear pieces Under. The absolutely great and unique tiles patterns t-shirts from Sangue, and navajo shorts motif from Manuel Ritz. As color palette there are a lot of blue, light blue and purple  Delikatessen, Tombolini, Serdar Uzuntas London, pastel colors and tera cotta Orley.  Bon-ton is one of the leading trend for Autumn/Winter 2013/14. Soft is the key for fabrics, colors and patterns  Masaky Kyouro Homme, Officine Generale, Thomas Behrens. The Essential or King item is far away the bomber Tatras, Smith Wykes, Peuterey macthed absolutely with papillion o tie - another must have for next A/W 2013/14.

I must confess that I have never been so in love with menswear trends as I am  now.

Stay stylish, man!


See file 1 of PITTI'84'S Folder on REINVENT YOURSELF

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

PITTI'84 Street Style

Street Style
Photos via Grazia.it
They could be bastards, heartless, mucking everything around after a KFC wings or Mac french fries or eventualy  kissing you with a barbecue sauce smelling and oily lips. I speak about a man more like Alan from The Hangover :))) BUT if you take the same well-feeded man, with a beard and (OK) with a belly too AND you dress him with elegant-cool-floral-or-stripped-or-white-or-pastels (well, tidy stylish)  clothes you will have the most WANTED man in your life :) And everything he has extra (liek a belly melly) will become a valuable added  :D 
I confess, again and again, I am obsessed by the man who wear floral cloths. 

ps. even in floral clothes they could be bastards too :PPP