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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Colorful Spring

Colorful Spring

 Hello my drears,

I have good news! Today my boyfriend and I completed one month of normal diet. We are proud to share our results. Both of us losted about 2 pounds. Michele was 88 and he is 85,8 now. His target is to lost 10 pounds, to get 78. My target is to take down till 50. I am 52,6 right now. By April I have to achieve my target and Michele by June-July. Cross fingers! I have to say that is not like we are fat but we feel  heavy and unhealthy with this weight.  Our first diet month was easy to follow. Because we have chosen to not stress our body with all methods at one time. We have eaten more healthy and we have moderated the quantity of the food.  The basis for our diet was salads, pasta in tomato sauce,  steamed or fresh vegetables, etc. Our favorite vegetables are  broccoli,  fennel,  celery, cabbage. To maintain the protein consumption we had prepared steamed veal or hard-boiled eggs that I liked to add in the fresh salad. For March we are start new program. He start to do sport  in order to tonify the muscles.  We are going to do jogging in the morning and walking in the evening. One hour for each activity. We’d like to go to the gym but we still haven’t decided how often we have to  go. Anyway I can tell you that March is going to be a very sporty and healthy month. Wish you all a very happy spring!

Vintage leggings | Pimkie t-shirt | Vintage velvet top | Zara shoes

Have a happy colorful spring,



  1. hey I LOOOOOOOOOVE your leggings ....where could I buy these? are you willing to trade with them? please let me know!