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Friday, February 17, 2012

Fur hat or earmuffs?

  Fur hat or  earmuffs?

I like fur hats  same as earmuffs. And I really have enjoyed Marc Jacobs new hats proposure at New York Fashion Week. Have a look here:

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter2012/13 Show at New York Fashion Week NYFW

 Searching on the web more about the origin of  earmuffs I’ve found an intresting story about his inventator . Thougt you’ll be curious to find out more about.  Enjoy:

“Chester Greenwood was born in Farmington, Maine in 1858. He invented earmuffs at the age of 15 (1873). While testing a new pair of ice skates, he grew frustrated at trying to protect his ears from the bitter cold. After wrapping his head in a scarf, which was too bulky and itchy, he made two ear-shaped loops from wire and asked his grandmother to sew fur on them. He patented an improved model with a steel band which held them in place and with Greenwood's Champion Ear Protectors, he established Greenwood's Ear Protector Factory. He made a fortune supplying Ear Protectors to U.S. soldiers during World War I. He went on to patent more many other inventions. In 1977, Maine's legislature declared December 21 "Chester Greenwood Day" to honor a native son and his contribution to cold weather protection. Farmington Maine is now the Earmuff Capital of the World. There is a parade that celebrates Chester's birthday the first Saturday in December, with local police cruisers in the parade decorated as giant earmuffs.” (info from http://inventors.about.com/library/inventors/blgreenwood.htm)

Here below is one of my winter outfit made up of vitage pieces like eco fur hat and my mom vintage fur collar jacket. Hope you like it or leave me a message if you think that I can better J

Vintage eco fur hat | Vintage jacket & top | Stradivarius jeans | Miss Roberta ankle boots |  

Have a nice weekend,



  1. Molto carina! ho deciso di seguirti! baci SARA

    1. Grazie infinite! Mi piace anche il tuo blog.
      Ci sentiamo piu spesso,
      Baci :)

  2. estas preciosa con tu sombrero,amo los sombreros de piel

  3. Eto je prelesno!Atata ot spune!

  4. I think a real fur hat adds such a touch of class to any outfit and yours looks great on you :))