Saturday, February 28, 2015

My February on Instagram

My February on Instagram
My February was so intense. Seemed like I had 2-3 months in one. Changing the continents in such a short time challenge not only my brain but my body as well. The USA flights are my favorites for shopping but sooo, sooo exhausting. Think that 16 hours (+other  6 duty hrs) you are close in a tube with over 500 people and you can't escape only because you can't stay there anymore...Anyway, let's go back to shopping :)) Finally I went to the famous Premium Brands Outlet in Houston. I hear mentioned it among my colleagues so many times that I can't loss the chance this time. My girls were right. It is absolutely worth to move your little as out there. I got a Michael Kors bag from the new collection with 100 USD less than in down town stores. And an absolutely fabulous shades from Dolce&Gabbana and Celine for only 99 $ each. The Furla fuxia beauty you can see I got it in Dallas during boxing day for 115 $. The breathtaking Gianvito Rossi ankle boots I ordered from Net-a-Porter are my present for Christmas (I know we are almost in March now :) ) and they are my best best best ever purchased. So proud of them :P Well after my bankruptcy in USA I went to tranquil Paris and believe me or not I spend all my time in the hotel. Shame of'll say. But before Paris flight I was awake for 36 hours and was better to get a good rest before my short visit back home. Back home everyone noticed my extra killos...was useless to wear oversized sweaters or coats :))) Addition to my extras ones my mom spoiled me with so many yummy dishes that I barely fit my uniform now. Back home I had a chance to visit family friends that launched recently a really great collection of bracelets with marine symbols. Very soon on my blog with full story and many many pictures.
Probably you are wondering what all those little monsters have to do with me. Well, on my Taipei (Taiwan) trip my colleaugue and me entered randomly in store with costumes, movies characters. A young gentelman there asked us if we want to visit an art gallery that was upstairs. The Wrong Gallery were hosting the Intergalactic Exhibition. Man.....we were suddenly transported to another world! World of colourful funny and absolutely lovely monsters and fays. The atmospher there were magic thanks to the artist Robin Tang. If you a Disney fan you probbaly found his works magnificent - find Robin on Instagram @robin22211. Look forward to a new exciting month to travel, meet new people, love and fooooood :))) (Oh, my bad! Oh, my bad!) 



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