Monday, August 25, 2014

No jewelry, just grace

No jewelry, just grace
Sometimes (I really hope that is only and only sometimes) I am such a bad luck ass. Imagine - I was dreaming for months to come back home for Holidays (to my lovely Italy), I booked my ticket months ago, I packed my best clothes and guess what?! On arrival we found out that one of our luggages were lost (for the second time this year). Not so dramatic if you think that basically that was my husband's suitcase, not mine :)) my suitcase was full (as usually happens) I packed my vanity and jewelry cases in his luggage. Now, if you look carefully at my outfit you'll see the very basic accessories I was wearing there. Pratically those are the only ones saved as I was wearing them on the flight to Rome. As we often rush to complain we don't see the wise or positive side of things but at the end I realized that my look is not poor without opulent or even discreet necklace (I was so distressed I don't have anything to accessorize my outfit). And you know what? Sometimes the simplicity is the best accessory. My top and skirt are so graceful and opulent that actually there is no need for any extra accessory to enhance the appearance.

ZARA pumps
MERCURY DUO top (from Japan)
ALDO bracelets