Monday, December 15, 2014

While in Venice

While in Venice
Was a warm sunny day when I arrived in Venice few days ago. I know is crazy how fast I move from one continent to another. I am writting this post far from Houston (USA) right now. The biggest challange of my lifestyle is to guess how is the weather of the destination I fly to. When you are in the country where is only summer time (Dubai) and you look on your weather apps that forecast 20 C° or 11 C° that dosen't mean much to you, believe me. It is more confuzing that you could think. At least for me is it. In my case I didn't know what exactlly to pack for my trip: a trech coat or a winter one. Luckily Venice weather was  so friendly with me and I didn't freezed with that trench on that day. But if you're planning to spend your Christmas Holiday in Venice put an winter coat in your suitcase, my dear. I belive I've catch the warmest day of December. Don't hope for the same or you'll risk to stay in bed with dozen of panadol during your Italian Holiday. 

ZARA trench coat
FOREVER21 sweater
COACH shoes

Venice, ITALY