Thursday, October 23, 2014

On high heels in London

On high heels in London
Almost have forgot about these pictures. It was July or begining of August when I met Andreea (from @DreamingofChanel) for the second time in London. Andreea is a  little Coco than never give up her classic&chic style. Dosen't matter if she wears high heels or flat ones. You have to see me in flat shoes...I am like your little cheeky brother and not a lady :))) Thats why I decided to wear those MIU MIU babies on that day. To look like a lady :). If you would know what happend latter I'm sure you'll nominate me for Oscar or better for Guinness Book :))) Well, everything was nice and smooth. We had a coffee and a nice chat in St.Paul. Then Andreea took me to an awesome place (she knows all these perfect locations for a photoshooting) from where you can have a wide view of London (gray as usual :)) ). Lovely time and lovely pictures up there. Then Andreea left and I stoped in few shops there around. By that time my feet were crying already. I decided to get back to hotel. I took a Piccadilly or Victoria line (or both), don't remember but it was the longest metro line in my life. Only when I was already in the train I realized that I have to go to wc. I not nice to write something like that here. But, believe me, it is not nice to be stucked in the longest metro line ever, on high heels and hold, hold, hold...either. When the train reached the "outside London" stations (like after 35 min) where you can see only the flat land I start to pray. Eight more looooooooong stations to go. I was literally closed to death. When I finally reached the Hatton Cross Station...I knew...I have few more seconds not minutes. I've run like a crazy chicken to the ticket office and start beging to use the staff rest room (there is no wc in London Metro by the way!!!). A big guy come to escort me to the Heaven but before he looked at me twice very confused... My Lady Like look wasn't in accordance with my poor situation. He took me down on stairs. STAIRS O_O again, the last 50 stairs...on high heels an holding...arrrr. My nightmere finished soon. It was like I was born again. I learnt two things on that day. One of them is to wear ALWAYS a pair of flat shoes in your bag (dosen't matter where you go). 

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MIU MIU heels
ZARA necklace
VINTAGE clutch


Pictures: @DreamingofChanel