Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kill him, wear Over-The-Knee Boots!

Kill him, wear Over-The-Knee Boots!
It's been long time since you're dating each other and there is nothing that you can suprised him? Or your marriage became a boring routine...Hmmm? Well, dears, there is the solution for all your couple routine related problems - 
OVER-THE-KNEE BOOTS. Dare or Go Home!!!
As you can see there is plenty of models to chose for all kind of style - classic, hippie, country, chic, edgy. Yahooooo!!! For those pettites, like me, probably will suit nude or bright colored boots like those ones created by Sophia Webster. Such a joyful reinterpretation of classic boots, isn't it? 
I've searche the shops where you can find this kind of boots. Here is the Lyst:

Smart price LYST:

On TOPSHOP: Snake bootsUnique

On GUESSJazelle Elbrid

(for my readers from Dubai - You can find this shop in DubaiMall)